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I’m going to consolidate this blog into Riparians.  (Long story behind how I ended up with two blogs in the first place.  Like most of the best things in my life, it just sorta happened.)    In time I will get my links moved over and all that, but I’m going to go ahead and start posting only there.  Same amount (chuckle chuckle) of  Homeschooling, Castle News, Catholic Topics, etc., just over at the other place.

Happy New Year.



Must go bring in children to feed and send to bed.  Then I’m back to work on my book review of Mary, Mother of the Son, 3-Volume Set.  Which you should buy.

–> So if we are lucky, the SuperHusband and hunting partner have actually shot a deer (bowhunting), and they will thus be out late tonight tracking and cleaning and whatever else it is you do after such events, and I will finish the review tonight while he is out.  If the deer are lucky, SuperHusband will be home sooner, I shall leave the computer and have dinner of a non-venison kind with him, and we shall have the review some other day.

Update: I managed to think of something interesting to say.  Whew, close one.


For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats . .. nice boring [see update] blog entry, coming out tonight or tomorrow.

Same exact message as at the other blog:  Schedule will tentatively resume next week, topics may be a little disorderly until I catch up on the promised book reviews. Tendons are not really better, but I think the pitiful amount of writing I do here isn’t going to be a problem. We’ll see. Meanwhile, please pray for the repose of the soul of Michael Dubruiel, and the consolation of his family.


And yes, I’m enjoying the writer’s conference, the house is descending into chaos as a result (not actually that bad), and if you are there yourself, hot tip: you can sneak into Devon Ellington’s dialog workshop to watch me flounder my way through an attempt at fiction.  If I can just pull together that whole “plot” thing, we might get a short story out of it.  Have a good week, see you next Wednesday.

Next in the queue for Catholic Company book reviews on this blog is The Apostles by Pope Benedict the XIV, illustrated edition.  Of course it’s a good book, you don’t need me to tell you that.  I’ll read the whole thing anyway before I post my review — though SuperHusband says it is worth owning just for the pictures.  (Fantabulous art, mostly renaissance, some earlier, some later.)  But I wanted to go ahead and let you know about it, because it was a real pleasure to be reading the holy father’s comments on the calling of the apostles at the same time as we were hitting those texts in the daily and Sunday mass readings.

–>  So, point of this post is to say: If you’ve been following along with the church in the Bible readings, and you were planning to pick up this book sooner or later, go ahead and do it sooner, while the relevant texts are still fresh in your mind.  Much happiness.

[If you’re undecided, you can wait a few weeks or so for my review, in which I’ll probably go tell you to buy the book anyway.]

This blog is the future location of my catholic homeschooling blog, Notes from GreenCastle.  Once I have this site up and running, I will make the switch.  In the meantime please visit the old location.   I will continue to post there until this site is ready.  You can also visit my other blog, Riparians at the Gate.  Enjoy.