January 2010

I’m going to consolidate this blog into Riparians.  (Long story behind how I ended up with two blogs in the first place.  Like most of the best things in my life, it just sorta happened.)    In time I will get my links moved over and all that, but I’m going to go ahead and start posting only there.  Same amount (chuckle chuckle) of  Homeschooling, Castle News, Catholic Topics, etc., just over at the other place.

Happy New Year.



Annual Reminder:  The on-line Catholic Writer’s Conference is coming up again, Feb 26-Mar 10.

To review:  It is free, it is helpful, it is open to any catholic writer, aspiring or accomplished.  You can participate as much or as little as you want.

Great event, highly recommended.  Go register.

Amid back-to-school busyness, a respectable dose of sadness (please pray for Hank Holder), and plenty of very good things, I would like to pause and report:

I love, love, love the “Happy Working Song” from the movie Enchanted.

Fun movie, by the way.  But that song — wow, has to be one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.  If you’ve ever struggled with conflicting emotions towards Snow White or Maria von Trapp, here is your scene.

(This version has a short intro you might not need, but it plays the whole song.)

I’m a new reader to Eric Sammon’s blog, The Divine Life.  He recently compiled a list of his top-ten posts for the past year, and I thought this one was mighty enjoyable:  Really Catholic and Uber Catholic. Too true, too true.    Naturally I have to like any quiz that accurately paints me for the moderate that I am.  Don’t mind the combox.

Enjoy.  Happy New Year!