. . . because I am writing to you from my own computer.  Rejoice with me.  SuperHusband and the SuperFatherInLaw conspired to equip me with a shiny new Asus laptop all of my own.  (Literally shiny — and: blue.  My favorite color.)

So I suppose I’ll be having to do extra writing, what with my new appliance and all.  I had been angling for a ping-pong/dining table for the front patio/driveway.  I had been peering ahead to the day when my harvest gold sunbeam stand mixer would finally whip its last batch of real whip cream, and thinking perhaps I ought to put in for a replacement this Christmas.   Visions of obligatory ping-pong or baking, depending on which one Santa delivered.

Instead, this.  Totally a surprise.  And with a proper numerical key pad to boot.  Must . . . resist . . . attachment . . . to . . . things . . . of . . . this . . . woooorld . . .

Happy rest of Advent!