December 2009

Whitewater Christmas here.  The beat-and-retreat of driving rain on the roof and and stained glass punctuated this morning’s liturgy.  The playground was  a swimming pool; we sprinted to and from the car.  (But not cold!  Barefeet, very happy, taking the compost out after breakfast during a break in the rain.  Window-fogging warm — very nice.)  The grooves on the interstate were full of water —  had to drive a foot to the left of usual to avoid hydroplaning.

We closed the Christmas Mass with “Joy to the World”: Let fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains repeat the sounding joy. I’ve been singing those lines my entire life, but I’m afraid I’ve always given more attention to the hills and fields.  Today the floods finally got their chance.  Hopefully they will not get carried away in their repeating.

Merry Christmas.


. . . because I am writing to you from my own computer.  Rejoice with me.  SuperHusband and the SuperFatherInLaw conspired to equip me with a shiny new Asus laptop all of my own.  (Literally shiny — and: blue.  My favorite color.)

So I suppose I’ll be having to do extra writing, what with my new appliance and all.  I had been angling for a ping-pong/dining table for the front patio/driveway.  I had been peering ahead to the day when my harvest gold sunbeam stand mixer would finally whip its last batch of real whip cream, and thinking perhaps I ought to put in for a replacement this Christmas.   Visions of obligatory ping-pong or baking, depending on which one Santa delivered.

Instead, this.  Totally a surprise.  And with a proper numerical key pad to boot.  Must . . . resist . . . attachment . . . to . . . things . . . of . . . this . . . woooorld . . .

Happy rest of Advent!

In case you didn’t see it, Requiem Press is having a $5 book sale through December 24th (while supplies last).