I was just joking with that title.  Things are most definitely *not* settled down since my last post.   Just re-read, things are about the same — GI virus and all.  Aah.  Finished In Soft Garments, excellent.  Started on Characters of the Reformation by Hillaire Belloc.  Chosen not because I was interested in the topic, but because I was interested to read something, anything, by Belloc, and that was what my parish library had stocked.  Interesting reading — I would recommend it.

Still need to make myself go back and finish book III of Mary, Mother of the Son. I’ll be honest, a lot of times I’m not in the mood to read other people’s reflections on the mysteries of the Rosary.  I don’t know why — inspiration fatigue, I guess.   But I know I’ll be glad when I do it, and ’tis the season.

Meanwhile, wanted to post a link to the Catholic Writer’s Conference.  Registration is now open.  Highly recommended: Helpful and Free.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  If you like to write, this is your friend.