Did so many fantabulous fun field trip things I can’t remember them all.  Red Rocks, Great Basin, Excalibur, shootin’ .22’s in the desert, Mt. Charleston, Baker Archeological Site . . . oh, and there was a wedding in there somewhere, too.  And Aria went to Girl Scout Camp.

Gotta get my report cards done for the end of this school year.  Did my basic planning f0r the coming year.  Mr. Boy’s going to be working a unit around Just War and related topics (religion, history, literature), Aria’s going to be doing the full press on reading skills.  For all children, need to improve penmanship, and breathe a little life into the math program.

Trying to decide whether the Bun should do Primer or Alpha for Math-U-See . . . starting K, but have noticed lately that she seems to know more math already than I had realized.  That little unschooled wonder.

I forsee the vocation continuing to swirl about, filling in those little spaces of reading and writing time that I always think I have, but apparently do not anymore.

So much to do.  Always so much to do.  Good problem.