The vocation goes well, in a crazy, overwhelmed kind of way.  Finished school last week, Superhusband, big kids & I went to an archery event over the weekend, then big kids went off to camp Sunday evening.  First time for them, but it’s a local place where multiple friends are working or attending (including my #1 all time awesome highly-recommended babysitter, who is Aria’s counselor for the week).  So it’s not quite like ‘going away’ the way camp can be.

Meanwhile, supposedly I’m cleaning the house the week.  Dragged my way through Monday, still tired from the weekend (up waaay too late), plus took two little girls swimming.  Tuesday was grandma day, today after a short cleaning fest we took the Bun out to lunch with her best friend, in observance of her birthday.  More cleaning this afternoon, I guess.  Tomorrow, cleaning fest continues, maybe another swim, and an evening meeting to plan for Vacation Bible School.

(Yes! I am teaching VBS.  Big kids.  I get my 5th graders from CCD last year, plus the rising 5th graders.  Woohoo!  Okay, and let’s admit it, those peppy tell-it-like-it-is VBS songs really are the ticket when you are immersed in the depths of grief or despair.  Makes sense — kids need songs that fit their world, and their world is even crazier and out-of-their-control than the adult world.)

So goes life.  I repent of ever trying to do a book review during the spring and summer months.  Cleaning fest keeps getting set aside for Yard Fest and Garden Fest, plus Fitness Fest and I’m not sure what else.  Reading time just.isn’t.there.   Something to look forward to now that the days are getting shorter again — evenings inside, curled up with a good book.  Months from now, of course, but a little something to take the edge off that darkness I don’t otherwise enjoy.

–> The angel book really is very good.  And has been an immense help in my spiritual life these last few days.  But not light reading, and right now my brain is all about light.  Full review coming just as soon as I’ve completed the thing.   You can go ahead and get yourself a copy, it’s a safe buy.   Rock solid.

Hope you’re having a good summer (or winter as the case may be), and I’ll check in again now and then to keep you updated on where we are.  Meanwhile, lots of great other sites out there to keep you entertained.