Still on vocation here.  Which at this time, does include all that much writing.  But I mean to be doing at least a little bit of bloggity-work, and lately I’ve been foiled.

–>  I’m not sure if St. Anthony is just getting rather fed up with me, or if he’s got some plot up his sleeve . . . maybe he thinks I ought to own *two* copies of Angels & Their Mission – cause it’s good ‘n lost.  Lost because, I will note, I was taking it with me everywhere I went in a desperate effort to *actually read the book*.  Which promises to be quite good.  (The chapters I’ve read to date are.  Really, owning a second copy seems like a might good idea, because I think it’s going to be a lender.)

Meanwhile, poor Chris Cash at the The Catholic Company can console himself that there’s probably a plenary indulgence just around the corner for anyone who tries to herd Catholic bloggers into some semblance of order and responsibility.  (I can’t be sure that doing so is one of Holy Father’s intentions, but I’m confident the American bishops sure would like it if we’d set a good example . . . So that counts for something, right?)  And you can read the Happy Catholic’s review here while you wait for mine.

Also coming up one of these centuries, my backlog of Requiem Press books-to-review.    For today, I leave with you two words: Ronald Knox.

Ah, happiness.