Suppose that while you were recklessly failing to supervise your children — perhaps engaging in some act of parental irresponsibility such as “going to the bathroom”– your two-year-old finds the lost Post-It Notes.  And, because they are hot pink Post-It Notes, your two-year-old determines this product is probably a decorating item.  Wallpaper, for instance.  And so, in the time that you are so foolishly relieving yourself in the other bathroom, your child very generously moistens the notes and proceeds to cover a variety of surfaces that had been, previously, woefully boring.  That is to say: Not Pink.

If this were to happen to you, here is what might you learn when your four-year-old went to remove the decorating some minutes later: wet hot pink Post-It Notes are an effective means of sponge painting.  Leaves a delightful pink rectangle on your high-gloss white walls.  After just a few short minutes of application.

Now you might worry that if you tried to color your walls using the Post-It Note Method that the color would quickly bleed, or run, or wipe away.  Be not afraid.  Even moments after removing the paper, the color remains impervious to water, diaper wipes, dish soap, vinegar, ammonia spray, even Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Now to decide: Should we follow the four-year-old’s suggestion and paint over?  Or just get out the surviving notes and finish the job?  Kind of perky.  But I suspect Mr. Boy does not want a pink bathroom.