Quickly bringing you up to speed on your missed articles.

Castle news: All is well.  Children are learning things, parents are doing things.  Ailment is boring. SCA = busy, Latin = stalled, garden = in progress.  The house is not as orderly as some bloggers might like.  The reading pile is not as well-tended as some bloggers might like.  The cat is not allowed in the house as often as some cats might like.  Lent has been good to us.

Saving money with cloth diapers: Buy the ones you can afford and that you will actually use.  Cottonbabies.com is a good source, and all the other links I was going to give you happen to be either suppliers or distributors for Cotton Babies, so you can save me a lot of time by starting there and doing your own wandering.  I’ll lay it all out in more detail some other month, if there is much interest.

Happy April.  I find myself woefully short of comedy today, my apologies.  I suppose it isn’t helping that the wider world is robbing me of satire.  Meanwhile I am trying to think up a sympathetic way to write about Mongol Invaders, and having not much luck.  SuperHusband says go with Plan B, Charlemagne.