No pun intended.  Anyway, the excuse this week is that my article on “Saving Money with Cloth diapers” is delayed because, well, my washing machine is broken.  Very broken.  Fortunately we are keeping a spare child this week, who comes with a key to her house down the road, where the washing machine works great.  (Yes, Mrs. R, your house is our laundromat.  Best laundromat ever.  Except we can’t figure out how to turn on your TV & DVD player.)

Anyway, that and other routine excitement (another babysitting job in addition, company coming Saturday, different company coming Sunday, spring fever, etc etc) is my excuse of the week.  Your article is written, just not edited and posted.  Those of you who couldn’t care less about saving money with cloth diapers should just go do something else this weekend, and tune in for next week’s monthly installment of castle news.

–> When you might find out whether the SuperHusband has successfully repaired the motor to our laundry machine, or whether we will be shelling out for another round of washing-machine lotto.  You’ll be pleased to know that Consumer Reports shows all the major brands give you as much as 9 chances out of 10 that your machine will work the whole first year you own it.  Lovely.   Basically since no manufacturer makes a reliable machine, their suggestion is to buy the least expensive one that washes well.

Hmmn, or maybe  I should just send Mr. Boy with a pile of quarters when he goes to play at Mrs. R’s house Wednesday mornings, and he can do our laundry there.