Finally got Prince Caspian DVD last Friday – takes awhile when you are tenth in line for the requests at the library. Good movie; not unlike the Lord of the Rings movies, or The Sound of Music, it is important not to think about the book too much while watching the film.

So the other day, Mr. Boy comes to me – having finally decided to start schoolwork after quite a lot of getting ‘carried away’ through the morning – in search of a penmanship sheet.

“I gave you one this morning.”

“It disappeared.”

Disappeared, eh?

And this is when I realized we were living in Narnia ourselves.  Aslan having opened the hole in the tree, and things from one world vanishing as they travel to the next.

Understandably, things from Mom World are always trying to get back home.  After all, they feel quite out out place as they fight against the forces of all that is good and right in Mr. Boy’s World.  Homework list, penmanship sheet, literature book – these are constantly trying to make holes in Boy World and slip out into the nether regions of the universe.

Luckily I have special powers, and was able to re-open the door between worlds – in this case by moving the laundry hamper on his bed (do not ask why there is a laundry hamper on his bed, it makes sense in his world)– and pull the lost papers back into Boy World.

But they’re only visiting.  Soon enough they’ll have to be called back to Mom world, before they accidentally slip away again.