Been a quiet couple months at the castle.  School-as-usual in January and the beginning of February.  Took a week off for Mom’s Mardi Gras Cleaning Festival, which was a success.  Still some papers to deal with (by ‘some’ we mean ‘many’), but otherwise the house is in good shape.  For us.

Lent-a-Claus came early and often.  Lots of books queued up for the season.  Kids and I are giving up yelling at each other for Lent this year — a coin goes into the rice bowl for every infraction*.  So far so good. Only a month and a half to go . . .

A few SCA events on the schedule.  Have had one instance of quill-pen sucess, and many instances of ‘I think I need a sharper knife’.  Still working on the ink recipe. For an upcoming event, I’ve got a handful of failed pens to exhibit (the good one died in the re-sharpening process), and a nice short story.

–> That last is the result of my attending the Catholic Writer’s Conference.  See, you knew you should have gone.  Tried my hand at a dialog workshop, and ended up with characters good enough to merit keeping.  Romantic misadventures of a 13th copyist and his ‘helpful’ younger brother.  Almost done with the edits.  My mancala game is shot — I can’t keep the math brain and the writing brain working at the same time– but it’s a fun story. Woohoo.

Latin Watch: Have I mentioned Mr. Boy wants to learn to say ‘Trick or Treat’ in Latin so he can go as a Roman soldier next fall?  Can’t remember if I blogged on that or not.  He’d like all his friends to learn Latin, too, for the purposes of a Roman-Army-themed birthday party . . . but we think this year we’ll go with WWI and later.  Could be a while before the odds on Romans-versus-Barbarians even up.

That’s all I can think of for now.  Happy Lent (regular blogging schedule continues here), and see you next week.

*For those who are concerned, the poor will not suffer if we are too virtuous.  There is a set amount designated for Lenten almsgiving.  Whatever remains to be put in the rice bowl come Easter will be the amount that castle residents may pull from a seperate fund for the purposes of a family celebration.