Next in the queue for Catholic Company book reviews on this blog is The Apostles by Pope Benedict the XIV, illustrated edition.  Of course it’s a good book, you don’t need me to tell you that.  I’ll read the whole thing anyway before I post my review — though SuperHusband says it is worth owning just for the pictures.  (Fantabulous art, mostly renaissance, some earlier, some later.)  But I wanted to go ahead and let you know about it, because it was a real pleasure to be reading the holy father’s comments on the calling of the apostles at the same time as we were hitting those texts in the daily and Sunday mass readings.

–>  So, point of this post is to say: If you’ve been following along with the church in the Bible readings, and you were planning to pick up this book sooner or later, go ahead and do it sooner, while the relevant texts are still fresh in your mind.  Much happiness.

[If you’re undecided, you can wait a few weeks or so for my review, in which I’ll probably go tell you to buy the book anyway.]