My friend Jean writes:

My Uncle Paul was laid off about a year ago and started this company while looking for another job.  He is a devout Catholic and it is a tithing company.

My uncle started a company selling candles dedicated to saints.  They are a great way to focus the family on the life of a saint.  And high quality candles.  Could be a great Christmas gift for your Catholic friends and family.

Thanks for looking!


Added it to the sidebar.  Also finally got Aquinas & More added.  Also adding another link here in a minute, based on a follow-up to the first conversation:

I know the wife of the host of the Saint Cast podcast (a neurosurgeon who practices at Christian’s hospital). I’ll send this link to him and maybe he will mention it on the podcast.

The latter may end up in ‘reference sites’ on the other blog, I don’t know.  I’ll stick it here for now, since here is where I am.