Overall it’s been a quiet month at the castle.  Life is good.

Latin Watch: SuperHusband is joining us in the effort.  He attended a workshop on Gregorian chant, just the thing for an engineer who loves music.  He is the type who has the technical ability to understand and lead; I am pure seat-filler material — I’ll enthusiastically follow and join in, but will never be mistaken for one of the musicians.  In between services just send me to the scriptorium or something.

SCA: Went to a weekend-long event this month, had a fabulous time.  SuperHusband, Mr. Boy & Aria competed in the archery, little girls and I mostly drifted around and picnicked.  SH also got an intro to fencing (rapier, in SCA terms), which subsequently turned into a newly-discovered love for heavy fighting.  When they say ‘heavy’, they aren’t kidding — he brought home some loaner-armor last night, and wow, steel plate weighs a ton.  New appreciation for the services of a good squire.

Other Field Trips:  Went to the zoo with some new friends from church.  The other mom is also the sit-and-observe type, which makes for a more relaxing zoo visit.  Find a nice animal, settle in, watch for a while.  Repeat.  Good event.   And then today we watched some young dance friends perform in the Nutcracker.  Or so I assume, couldn’t actually see faces well enough from our seats to pick them out, so we’ll figure they must have danced very well, and therefore blended with the rest of the troupe.  Aria of course wants to participate next year, certain mothers at this castle are encouraging another year off, or two, or three, before doing it again.  Big committment as far as rehearsal times and all that.

The Ailment: Eh, spoke too soon last month.  In a bid for decreased mysteriousness, the ailment is getting interesting again.  Interesting to me, anyway — it is amusing to see how otherwise ho-hum symptoms can be absolutely captivating when yours is the body enjoying them.  So my new hobby this month is tremor-watching — mostly right hand, intermittent, all very mild, just enough to know Something is Not Right, not significant enough to cause any actual interference with daily life — above and beyond the unavoidable obsessing over it.  Blessedly still staying below the threshold of interest for itchy neurologists.  This suits me fine; I can sit quite content with any ailment that agrees to stay in the spectator-sport realm of neurological quirkiness.  We’ll see.

Cleaning House: I’ve finally gone and done it.  Or at least, a good chunk of it.  It’s a good year for de-cluttering, what with all the bad economic news — you can be confident that the local thrift stores will have plenty of customers.  So all that spare stuff will get to a good home.  Still need to finish sorting some kids’ clothes, and then attack the aged-paper collection and the lifetime supply of extraneous photos.


In the month ahead . . .

Thanksgiving tour tomorrow – Nanny & Pop’s for the midday meal, and then back to TR’s again this year for a late-afternoon feast.   Might try to get out for a hike over the long weekend, and do odds and ends around the house; some friends are bringing adults dinner Sunday night, looking forward to that.

Advent is on its way, and once again I find myself candle-less.  Must rectify that situation early next week, would like to get a little advent wreath assembled for the CCD class.  Also want to come up with a nice advent-y prayer to close class with each week for the month.

Holy-day mania . . . Advent is terribly festive for us, what with St. Nicolas day, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Immaculate Conception — so much to celebrate.  Good problem to have.  And adding to the excitement: Aria has learned to make coffee!!  Which means that we are now ready for a proper observance of St. Lucy’s day.   She’s thrilled, and so are her parents.  Mornings are a very happy time for us now.

Caroling? Not sure.  Don’t want to host a party this year, do want to go caroling.  If I can get up a respectable contingent of enthusiastic singers, we’ll do it.  Will do some practicing during school regardless.  You can’t know too many good hymns.


Not sure whether Dark Night will be done in time to review for this month of long dark nights, or if it’ll fall more into the pre-lenten season.  Am ‘enjoying’ it, to the extent that one can enjoy listening St. John of the Cross tell it like it is.  The trouble with people who know what they are talking about, is that they don’t necessarily tell you what you wanted to hear.  Good stuff, highly recommended.  And much more readable than I had feared.

Meanwhile, have a great Thanksgiving, and see you in December!