Gosh, I’m dreading this update because I can’t really remember what we’ve been doing for the last month.  Let me think . . .

Went to the SCA Demo.  Myself & 4 kids, SuperHusband’s ‘day off’ (in which he rescued and entertained a colleague visiting from overseas).  Got to the demo city on time, spent another hour and three stops for directions trying to find the actual event.  Note to self: Always check the directions.  Committed assorted Faux Pas with the nobility, and tipped over the apple cart, literally.  Luckily it had only children in it (mine), no apples harmed.   Discovered the joy of the demo for the new person: Nobody knows who you are.  Plain clothes visitors think you know what you’re doing, SCA people think you must be with some other group.  Kids did get to do some archery — Mr. Boy showed out quite well, Aria renewed her interest.

–> She & I need to do some serious practicing.  Local group is sponsoring an overnight event next month, which we are all planning to attend.  Should be fun.  Also we’ve gotten on the medieval cooking circuit with same group, 2 littles & I had a fabulous meal last month, this month we’re all hosting.  Tomorrow there will be quite a lot of cleaning of house.

She says she’s not much of a hiker. It’s because she hangs out with all the wrong people.  Aria (with SuperHusband and Mr. Boy) hiked a 10-mile loop, 2,000 feet of elevation gain, approx 4.5 hours of hike time, another 1.5 of assorted stops – lunch, photo breaks, play in creek, etc.  Pretty respectable, in my book, for the average first grader.  Probably one more camping trip for big kids this year, not counting the SCA event, and then perhaps a backpacking trip this winter for Mr. Boy.

Couple Weekend! SuperHusband & I got away, no children, for a camping weekend of our own.  Delighted in the adult conversation (annual meeting that weekend for the non-profit campground where we keep our camper during the season and are members), to the point that I didn’t get to do any reading.   That just doesn’t happen on a camping trip.  I always read.  Left me scrambling to finish reading The Fathers in time to get my review up, but I managed.  Lovely weather, lovely time alone with the spouse, good event.  Children had a fabulous time at the saintly Miss W.’s in our absence.

When we aren’t out on field trips . . .

Mr. Boy is finishing up Tripods, I need to pick out the next literature selection.  In science, the topic is plants & animals [for all grades].  Remind me to post a note about a beautiful library book I read with the Bun.  Working through American History this year, so far we’re up to the Revolutionary War and about to move forward, you saw the link to three library books I reviewed at Riparians the other week.

Latin, well, we move slowly.  But we only have to make it to Chapter 8 and we get to read the siege of Troy.  The mother is having a lot of fun, the boy is re-thinking his decision to study this language, what with learning a language being actual work.  One of those things you’d like to have done, not necessarily like to be doing.

Note to our Pen Pals: We have not forgotten you.  Have patience with us.

Religious Ed: I’m a regular catechist now, for my ever-beloved 5th Grade.  I just love 5th graders.  Was subbing, and then one of the regular catechists had a job transfer to another city, so I got her position.  Just in time, as my co-teacher, from whom I am learning a ton, is going to be out a significant part of next month.  Aria is enjoying first grade in the parish program, Mr. Boy is doing his work at home this year, long story, nothing sordid, (and I need to get on the stick with formal lessons, though you know me it isn’t like he doesn’t get his share of ad hoc instruction), but  participating in some of the parish events.  He went to altar server training, and I need to send in his application to become an altar server — he is nervous but wants to give it a try if he can get more practice first.

A note for parish priests: You rock.  Won’t embarrass anyone by naming names and places, but the parish priest up near the campground deserves an award.  Between his reverence and his homilies, he’s got the SuperHusband, not a catholic, hooked.  The man regrets it if he ends up having to go to some other church service instead of Father M.’s.  Tells all the other non-catholics at the campground that they really ought to make the drive into town to hear Sat pm Mass.  (I agree.)  Just saying it, because I imagine you don’t always know what a gift you are, even to total strangers from out of town.   Keep up the good work.

What else?  Mystery Ailment – not a problem, holding steady or re-improving.  Very good.  Sunflower the cat: He’s got more than one home.  Useful — now that we know which other neigbhor is feeding him, we know who to tell to up the rations if we’ll be out of town.  He’s getting nice and chubby, good to see on previously too-skinny stray.  Dad, you can call anytime and explain the cryptic message in SuperHusband’s birthday card.  The suspense is, well, suspenseful.  Thank you.

And that’s all I can think of for now.  In a bit of a time crunch, so my apologies if this post is even less proof-read than usual.