Ahh, you knew it would happen.  Your post for yesterday is *nearly* finished.  Had a few unplanned interuptions, and some just plain poor time management.  I’ll have it up today, just as soon as I get my house cleaned up, unless something really crazy happens.

Meantime, a word from the Holy Father:

I say “prepare yourselves,” because real love does not happen suddenly. Beyond sentiment, love is made of responsibility, constancy and a sense of duty. One learns all of this through the prolonged practice of the Christian virtues of trust, purity, abandonment to Providence and prayer.

Address to Youth, 7 September 2008
As posted at A Beggar for Love.
Have a good day, see you this afternoon.  (And yes, if you follow my other blog, disaster has struck there as well.  I have *lost* the book that  a) I was supposed to review for tomorrow and b) must go back to the library today.  One chapter shy of the finish, no less.  Good news is, I have an alternate book to review if I must, and the library does give a grace day before fines kick in.   Let’s just say that organizational skills are not at an all-time high here at the castle.