August 2008

Back from Las Vegas.  Wedding was lovely, vacationing was delightful, and seeing all the family was the best.  Kids & I start back to school on Monday; need to figure out how I want to organize books, school supplies, etc.  Fine balance in finding homes for these items that are sufficiently convenient for those who need to access them, and sufficiently inconvenient for those who need to to be kept from accessing them.  File cabinet could use an overhaul while I’m at it.    We’ll see.  Jet lag is not my friend.

Oh and I’m gonna migrate this blog over to wordpress one of these days, probably in September, and give it a posting schedule.   Same blog, just slightly more predictable (for you, the reader) and easier for me to manage (I like the wordpress software better).   Will be focused on homeschooling and catholic topics.   Different header photo, though, because the colored-pencil stockade belongs to the homeschoolblogger template.  New header has ducks in it.  How’s that for building a little suspense?  I can tell you’re excited already.


This blog is the future location of my catholic homeschooling blog, Notes from GreenCastle.  Once I have this site up and running, I will make the switch.  In the meantime please visit the old location.   I will continue to post there until this site is ready.  You can also visit my other blog, Riparians at the Gate.  Enjoy.

Why the pope is so easy to love:

"The Eucharist is not a meal with friends. . . ." 

I think that’ll be the first papal quote I manage to commit to memory ;-).

(Certain remarks from our first pope excepted, though mostly from his pre-pope days.  Such as ‘to whom shall we go? . . .")


Had a fabulous visit with the nieces; teenagers everywhere owe them a debt of gratitude for their work in proving that teenagers can indeed be fun, interesting, responsible, intelligent people that you hate to see leave.

Head to LV for my little sister’s wedding next week, SuperHusband and kids stay here. Am hoping not to take any bronchitis with me ;-).   Looking forward to the little vacation, seeing the family and all that; not looking forward to the getting ready to go.  Expect light blogging — probably pretty easy to expect as this point.