The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas and Sweet Accompaniments
by David Lebovitz
Ten Speed Press, 2007

ISBN-13: 9781580088084
ISBN-10: 1580088082

Here’s a beautiful ice cream book that our library stocks.  It is becoming a family tradition (two years in a row makes a tradition, right?) to check it out once every summer and try a recipe.  The comments that accompany the recipes are entertaining in themselves.  If you don’t own an ice-cream maker, there is a  whole chapter on granitas, which you (or more specifically, your children) can make using a plastic container and your freezer.  Also a chapter on toppings (sauces, whipped cream, etc), and some of the ice-cream or sherbert recipes are noted for also making good popsicles.

Worth seeing if your library carries it, or if you are an ice-cream person, or putting it on the wish list for relatives looking for gift ideas.

 Ah, and look at this: if your library doesn’t carry it, the author has a blog with recipes. (Note: the blog is for adults — every here and there is a comment you would rather not read and probably don’t want your kids reading either.  But overall good — think on par with Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life.)