I’m such a traitor.  I started this article ("Surprising Foreign Language Helps") right here in *this blog*, and I’ve gone and finished it and posted it over at my new blog.  It was kind of a toss-up as to where to put it, honestly.   If you’re a homeschooler who is intimidated by the whole foreign language thing, please go take a look, even if my other blog usually isn’t your thing. 


In castle news: Miraculous Corn.  That is to say, corn  that was:

1) Planted late.

2) Planted by a six-year-old with no supervision.

3) Came from the remainders of an old seed packet, way too few plants to give us the appropriate stand-size for proper pollination, says my gardening book.

4) Was knocked over twice by big storms, and *continued to grow* sideways.

But I prayed for corn, and corn we got.  Jesus really does indulge us around here.  Longest ear was only about six inches long, but our kindergartener is more than satisfied.  Got two "dinners" out of it so far, if by "dinner" we mean "each child was served a homegrown corn-shaped food object with at least a few edible kernels on it, and no bugs."

 Big news, we’re thrilled.