Anyone want to weigh in on the choice of Latin pronunciations? 

Mr. Boy’s textbook he wants to start is classical, but of course church stuff uses ecclesiastical pronunciation.  (We don’t go to the local Latin Mass regularly, but will probably take a field trip or two once we get any good at this.  Our parish uses a smattering of Latin here and there, and in the Agnus Dei every week.)

Trying to decide whether to learn both intentionally, or just adopt one for school purposes and wing it on the other on an as-needed basis.

Any advice welcome.


Report cards are in the mail!  Next year’s curricula are more or less mapped out, depending on how industrious I feel — what I have in place now as a rough draft is good enough for paperwork purposes.  Process gets quicker every year, though I’ll admit I’ve been pre-planning for months in my head, and did a little on-paper planning during vacation earlier this summer. 

–> A homeschooling-dad friend asked me if I found all the planning for homeschooling to be difficult.  Apparently his wife is not a natural planner (so she tells me).  No, I answered, planning school is not my problem. It’s the actual doing of it that gets me every time ;-).

[That said, report cards testify that we did get quite a lot done — did very well in some areas.  Still a little behind on math from where I think we ought to be, but all in all I think the year went well enough.]