Book review is up on the other blog.  Summary: not for children, but interesting book for history buffs who can read critically.

Over here on the homeschooling front, progress reports are completed but not mailed.  Did get a box of free books (thank you generous donors) in the mail for another homeschooling friend.  I so completely love, love, love media mail.

I head over to Las Vegas for my younger sister’s wedding middle of next month (SuperHusband and kids stay here – have you looked at airfares lately?), with the nieces coming for a week or so just before.  So the to-do list still presses: clean house, plan niece’s visit, write up and send in ’08-’09 curriculum plans, confirm babysitters for my absence, and do some blogging-in-advance so that I stay on schedule.*   That should keep me busy.

Baby is calling to be rescued from nap.  Must run.  Have a good weekend.

*Having deadlines seems to be working so far.  I might try to institute some here, too.