Riparians at the Gate.   The title is a play on words, not especially deep though I could give you a list of possible allusions if you are unable to fabricate any of your own.  Difficult to come up with a blog title that, when you put it into Google, doesn’t return someone else’s blog.  Header image FYI is from the SuperHusbands treasure-trove of stock photography, this one pulled from his trip to Winchester some time ago. 

The structures of justice entry I’ve been promising here since last December is now up over there.  Scroll down, I put it up last week.  (My apologies for not telling you here sooner.)  I’ve reposted the whole living wage series from here over there so that it is in one place, and you can click on the ‘living wage’ category to see it all at once. 


Here at the castle we’re in between times.  Need to get year-end report cards written up and mailed in, and would like to do a little housecleaning before my nieces arrive at the end of the month.  Will resume school as soon as I’m satisfied with those two to-do items, and also as soon as I order the next round of math work books.  Oh and I need to write up next year’s course of study, put some packages in the mail, and I wouldn’t mind getting to the pool a couple times as well.  Normal life I guess.

PS: Thank you to whoever has been praying for me.  My prayer life is much improved.  Please keep up the good work.