: Picking up speed again, now that FHC and dance recital madness are past.  Mr. Boy is wrecking my plan to get two children’s use out of his Math-U-See workbook, as we fell upon a pair of chapters where he needed to do all the worksheets, and then some, to get a handle on his assignments.  Usually he does just two or three of the six-per-chapter available, and is ready to move on.  Luckily the test booklet remains untouched — LP loves a nice shiny workbook to fill.  And she doesn’t mind making her own worksheets, so we can manage. 

Mystery Ailment: Consensus du jour is "weird muscle thing".  Very good.  If that doesn’t pan out, there is still a certain quarter of the medical professionals collection that wants to rule out MS more definitively, but for the moment that plan is on hold.   Did confirm no peripheral nerve damage, so the limb police are officially dispersed.  Weird muscle thing suits me fine.

Internet Madness: A real-life homeschooling friend of mine asked me to make her up a list of the library books that we use in our homeschool.  I figured as long as I was making a list for her, I might as well make it for the entire universe. So when I get that little project going, I’ll post a link here.  Will happen before fall, when her family goes back to school.

Was having real doubts about my decision to get back to blogging with more intensity, when probably what I ought to be doing is quitting it altogether.  Not like the world really needs another amateur catholic blogger.  Then I happened to read the holy father’s prayer intention, as posted over at Beggar for Love:

    General Intention: That Christians, may use literature, art, and the media to greater advantage to favor a culture that defends and promotes the values and the human person. 

So I saw that, and thought, well I guess that settles it.  The pope himself is practically asking me to do it, right?