Good news — regular readers here don’t have to relocate.  The bulk of the blog will remain public.  As sporadically updated as ever, but still there for your viewing pleasure. 

If you’ve been kicked off my homeschoolblogger "friends" list, don’t panic.  I still love you.  I’ve put your blog down in my general links section. 

If you are a real-life personal friend, remember that you need to log in to homeschoolblogger to see the top secret posts where I gossip about the excluded majority  private section of the blog. 

[For those not on homeschoolblogger yet, I tested and it is no problem to set up a userid and placeholder-blog.  Remember to tell me your userid so I can let you in.]


The new blog is under construction.  Posting there begins the beginning of July, and will be four posts a month on pre-planned topics.  The living wage discussion is moving there, and I’ll also be adding history topics (which I haven’t done here before, but have long wanted to do).  There will be education topics in the rotation as well, and the fourth week a month will be book reviews on books related to those topics (history books are the line-up to begin with.)  I’ll post links here when the topics over there fall into the scope of this blog.

Right now nothing much is happening on either blog, as I do assorted internet housekeeping. And a certain amount of real-life housekeeping, too.