You can blame Ruth at Wheelie Catholic for my most recent absence.  In addition to being a person whose blog belongs on my sidebar, she is also the one who told me (and all her other readers) about the Catholic Writer’s Conference, being held by the Catholic Writer’s Guild.

      So I’ve gone abandoned all my faithful readers yet again, this time in order to:

    -Make a perfectly nice marketing lady want to throttle me and all my friends for our persistent anonymity
    -Add about 3,000 pages of notes on all the things I need to fix on my would-be novel
    -Learn that I have an adverb problem.

Honestly I’ve been learning a ton, and am very glad to have happened upon the event.  In a double miracle, a friend of mine lent me two spare children this week, thereby keeping mine occupied so I could goof off on the computer for hours on end.   

    I would have linked here, but I didn’t even find out about it until the very last minute.  If they hold another one, I would strongly recommend attending.    Rather than be sore at me, you can purchase the e-book, which will contain all the proceedings, from the writer’s guild website (above).


    Regularly scheduled blogging will resume soon.  With the usual meaning "soon" as that word is used on this blog.   Meanwhile go check out Ruth’s blog if you’ve never been there, or haven’t been this week.  She did not abandon her readers, and has a slew of good stuff right now.