May 2008

: Picking up speed again, now that FHC and dance recital madness are past.  Mr. Boy is wrecking my plan to get two children’s use out of his Math-U-See workbook, as we fell upon a pair of chapters where he needed to do all the worksheets, and then some, to get a handle on his assignments.  Usually he does just two or three of the six-per-chapter available, and is ready to move on.  Luckily the test booklet remains untouched — LP loves a nice shiny workbook to fill.  And she doesn’t mind making her own worksheets, so we can manage. 

Mystery Ailment: Consensus du jour is "weird muscle thing".  Very good.  If that doesn’t pan out, there is still a certain quarter of the medical professionals collection that wants to rule out MS more definitively, but for the moment that plan is on hold.   Did confirm no peripheral nerve damage, so the limb police are officially dispersed.  Weird muscle thing suits me fine.

Internet Madness: A real-life homeschooling friend of mine asked me to make her up a list of the library books that we use in our homeschool.  I figured as long as I was making a list for her, I might as well make it for the entire universe. So when I get that little project going, I’ll post a link here.  Will happen before fall, when her family goes back to school.

Was having real doubts about my decision to get back to blogging with more intensity, when probably what I ought to be doing is quitting it altogether.  Not like the world really needs another amateur catholic blogger.  Then I happened to read the holy father’s prayer intention, as posted over at Beggar for Love:

    General Intention: That Christians, may use literature, art, and the media to greater advantage to favor a culture that defends and promotes the values and the human person. 

So I saw that, and thought, well I guess that settles it.  The pope himself is practically asking me to do it, right?


Good news — regular readers here don’t have to relocate.  The bulk of the blog will remain public.  As sporadically updated as ever, but still there for your viewing pleasure. 

If you’ve been kicked off my homeschoolblogger "friends" list, don’t panic.  I still love you.  I’ve put your blog down in my general links section. 

If you are a real-life personal friend, remember that you need to log in to homeschoolblogger to see the top secret posts where I gossip about the excluded majority  private section of the blog. 

[For those not on homeschoolblogger yet, I tested and it is no problem to set up a userid and placeholder-blog.  Remember to tell me your userid so I can let you in.]


The new blog is under construction.  Posting there begins the beginning of July, and will be four posts a month on pre-planned topics.  The living wage discussion is moving there, and I’ll also be adding history topics (which I haven’t done here before, but have long wanted to do).  There will be education topics in the rotation as well, and the fourth week a month will be book reviews on books related to those topics (history books are the line-up to begin with.)  I’ll post links here when the topics over there fall into the scope of this blog.

Right now nothing much is happening on either blog, as I do assorted internet housekeeping. And a certain amount of real-life housekeeping, too.

I’m in the process of re-organizing my blogging life.   Here’s what’s going on:

This blog (Notes from Greencastle) is going to be private, for family & personal friends only.  ("Personal friend" includes the requirement that either I or the SuperHusband have met you in person at least once.)  It will be for photos, garden updates, weather report, school updates, mystery ailment, etc.  Things my grandmother & I might talk about.  I will continue to neglect it.  Probably more neglected, even, than usual.

The new blog (title not yet finalized), which I post here as soon as it is all pulled together, will be a once-weekly post covering  a rotating series of topics on economic issues, history, and education (not strictly homeschooling)    The new blog is slated to go live the first Friday of July.  I’ll pre-post some of the relevant background posts from this blog between now and then, so that if you have been "following" ("coaxing" seems more accurate) the living wage series, for example, the whole thing will be on the site FYI.

[For those who are concerned . . . I’m going with a host that allows time-delay on the posts, so that I can do my writing ahead of time.  Better suited to my on-again off-again writing schedule.]

What to do?

A.  If you meet the "friends and family" requirement  AND you are actually interested in seeing the pared-back greencastle content, you need to do  two things:

1) Register with homeschoolblogger.  This will cause you to get a couple announcements from the homeschoolblogger people a week, so if that is a problem for you, plan ahead and use an e-mail address that can cope with that.  I haven’t gotten any  spam, btw.  Just the  "homeschool minute" weekly newsletter.

2) E-mail me, and let me know your homeschoolblogger userID.  I’ll add you to the list of people who have access to the private blog.  Note: Don’t forget to let me know who you are IRL!  Phone & snail mail, telegram, stopping me after church, etc, all work too.

(Note: Tina, you don’t have to do anything, you are already set up.)

B.  If you are one of my regular readers but don’t meet the friends-and-family requirement, come over to my new blog.  I’ll post the location before this one goes private, or leave me a comment here and I will e-mail you the address.  If you are currently linked in my sidebar as a "homeschoolblogger friend" and would like to have your site listed in the links at my new blog, let me know that, too.    I don’t know how much traffic the new blog will generate, but it will be a more public corner of the internet.  (So, you might or might not want your blog listed there.)

That’s the news for now.


    You can blame Ruth at Wheelie Catholic for my most recent absence.  In addition to being a person whose blog belongs on my sidebar, she is also the one who told me (and all her other readers) about the Catholic Writer’s Conference, being held by the Catholic Writer’s Guild.

      So I’ve gone abandoned all my faithful readers yet again, this time in order to:

    -Make a perfectly nice marketing lady want to throttle me and all my friends for our persistent anonymity
    -Add about 3,000 pages of notes on all the things I need to fix on my would-be novel
    -Learn that I have an adverb problem.

Honestly I’ve been learning a ton, and am very glad to have happened upon the event.  In a double miracle, a friend of mine lent me two spare children this week, thereby keeping mine occupied so I could goof off on the computer for hours on end.   

    I would have linked here, but I didn’t even find out about it until the very last minute.  If they hold another one, I would strongly recommend attending.    Rather than be sore at me, you can purchase the e-book, which will contain all the proceedings, from the writer’s guild website (above).


    Regularly scheduled blogging will resume soon.  With the usual meaning "soon" as that word is used on this blog.   Meanwhile go check out Ruth’s blog if you’ve never been there, or haven’t been this week.  She did not abandon her readers, and has a slew of good stuff right now.