Didn’t mean to be out all Lent.  Got busy being mortified, and next thing I knew, it was kind of nice to take a little blogging break.   My Lenten summary:

1) The more the Lent, the more the Easter.  One of the pleasures of trying to be good is discovering how hopeless our own efforts are.  Which makes the Resurrection such a relief.

2) My approximate Lenten reading list:  Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light  (Brian Kolodiejchuk); Theology for Beginners  (Frank Sheed); and Story of a Soul  (St. Therese of Lisieux).   All of it more or less on impulse — I almost never read what I plan to read, just like I almost never blog what I plan to blog.

3) Confirmed what we all knew, I have an inordinate attachment to coffee.


Went to the ever-fabulous, soul-stirring Easter Vigil at the SuperMother-in-Law’s parish again this year.   Because I was well-enough-behaved during Mass, I got to have cake with the godsons (who attend the same parish) afterwards.  And all that staying-up-late left Sunday free for a leisurely breakfast, and a walk in the woods at the Congaree Swamp National Park:

Happy Easter, and yes I do mean to be around and posting  a bit more.