Fabulous weather for Mardi Gras.  Supposed to be pushing 80 today, which, in a house where the thermostat is always set on "energy saver", is a chance to open up all the window and let in a little warm air for a change.

     Children are busy eating down candy stocks, not because they are giving up candy for Lent (though I wish they would – exact lenten penances are still undecided at this time), but because candy in the house means Candy Wars, and frankly I’d rather they had six lollipops for breakfast than have to break up another candy fight.   My normal policy is to just throw the stuff away when the whining starts, but it is Mardi Gras, so I’m taking the indulgent route for today.

    For my part, there’s lots of chocolate, which I am not giving up for Lent, but which is always a festive choice, and of course coffee, which I will miss sorely.  And in general there’s a spirit of debauchery around the house, where "debauchery" means watching all the TV you want, and getting out the Toys With Lots of Pieces.   We’ll buckle down tomorrow.


    In other news: Parents and big kids took an unexpected Trip to Myrtle Beach over the weekend.  With the SuperHusband and I, any going to Myrtle Beach is always unexpected, though we have learned that it’s really quite nice when there are no people there. 

    The goal of the trip was a long-promised visit to Medieval Times; by a miraculous turn of events, a free beach house and a babysitter with temporary insanity both turned up on the same weekend, allowing the four most grown-up members of the household to make a long and relaxing retreat.  I’ll post a few photos and maybe some more comments one of these days. 

–> Ahem.  Same disclaimer as for every time I say I’m "going to" post something.  One of the rules of this blog, I think, is a very liberal understanding of what "going to" means.

    If I don’t write again today, and I probably won’t, Happy Lent.