Quick reminder: Anyone who will publicly admit that they think torture is acceptable, is a person you do not want in your nation’s government.

    Here’s a link to a newspaper article that sums up who is admitting to what.  Turns out your choices are limited, and probably not who you really want as the next President.  But, as much as we make jokes about the IRS, or the nation’s various economic policies, or its bureaucratic inefficiencies, we are only speaking *figuratively* when we describe them with the word "torturous".   Actually torturing people is quite different.

    I linked the article, because it was fairly difficult to find a straightforward comparison of the candidates on this issue, which apparently isn’t yet being treated as an "issue".   Finding out a candidate’s stance on abortion is a little more straightforward; if you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t the time to google now, at this late date, you can take a look at the comparison chart found at sclife.org.  Narrows you down even more, sorry to say.


    So what will happen if you vote for a non-torturing, non-aborting candidate, and as a result the Republican party falls apart, and the Democrats win the general election with one of their legion of ardently pro-abortion candidates?  Aside from the obvious silver linings (um, did you agree with the Republicans about everything?), here’s what will happen: The Republicans might catch on that they shouldn’t torture people.
    "Ho ho ho!" they will say.  "Yes, it’s true we can propose all the crazy tax schemes and border plans we want, and still get elected, but turns out, not only do we have to be opposed to abortion, we have to oppose torture, too!."  Sure, not perfectly.  Maybe, the 2012 Republican candidates will be only *pretending* to oppose abortion and torture.  But even that would be quite an improvement over shamelessly admitting to supporting those two evils.


    Don’t be a case of  "Reward for A, hope for B".  Just last century — just five years ago, even — everybody *knew* torture was wrong.  As a culture, we mocked and scorned those who, in the past, had considered it acceptable.   This is our first presidential election since our culture fell apart on this issue.  It is absolutely imperative that our politicians get the message, now, that "okay-with-torture" means political death.