Weather couldn’t have been better — clear and warm but not hot.  (In the January sense of "hot", that is.  Or rather, that wasn’t.)  I thought the rally was excellent, but the borrowed boys were disappointed that there wasn’t more marching and less rallying; perhaps I should have sent them to do laps around the statehouse. 

    Instead they took turns heading off in pairs to fetch more free hot chocolate from the hot chocolate people, in between wrestling matches on the patch of grass we claimed for ourselves.  Funny, no other families joined us, what with all that wrestling and signs-as-weaponry play.   That pained look in the photo probably has to do with being required to stand still.

    The one family next to us was very sweet, though,  and did and helped keep a certain three-year-old entertained, and even got her shoes back on her when it was time to go.