The three kings, who ought to have been making their appearance at Epiphany, have been put off a couple days due to other obligations.  The kids really enjoy dressing up to re-enact the visit of the magi, with the variation that there are presents for all children, not only the one playing baby Jesus.  (This year: books from my brother, and a box of ornaments from my dad — basically, whatever packages we hadn’t gotten to yet over the twelve days).

    We put off the family observance of Epiphany in order to accept a dinner invitation (format: shared leftovers — much better than it sounds), which turned out to be a strategic win-win for this coming Saturday.  I found a ride for LP to an important birthday party, and in exchange I get to borrow three boys for the SC state March for Life (warning: link is to a PDF).  Which solves the problem of who is going to manage a certain three-year-old during the march (hint: not the middle-aged lady with the bad back, when there are perfectly good teenage boys along). 
    The whole arrangement is amusing on multiple levels.  First, it’s always really funny how differently folks react when I am out with six or more versus out with four.  Rightly so, I guess.  Not that I won’t blend right in at the march, of course. 

    And then, it turns out the other mother (the one who is taking LP to the birthday party) has never, ever, participated in any kind of public protest.  Shocking, I tell you.  So my taking along her boys counts as a civics lesson for them.  It counts as one for my boy, too, of course, but gosh, it just seemed so strange that a young man could be old enough to drive and have never been taken out to protest something.  What kind of people are these?  Terribly content, I guess.

    Boys are getting together Wednesday to make signs — supplied by a magical grandmother who just happened to give us a supply of poster-board for Christmas today.  Mr. Boy came up with a winning slogan on his first try: Abortion is Bad.

Here’s a link to the March details from WMHK’s website – no PDF