A certain parent has observed that no matter how much the 2nd grader may have learned about the battle of Thermopylae, there was no one involved called the GRECRME.  And, by the way, that math book looks a tad lonely.  The corner public school, meanwhile, is home six hours a day, 180 days a year, to many happy, well-adjusted Children Who Know How to Spell.

    Mr. Boy and I can take a hint.  2008 will be the Year We Get Our Act Together.  Because we do not — do not, do not, do not — want to have to be out of the house at 7:20 am.  If we’re going to have to do the less-exciting stuff, at least let us do it at a civilized hour. 

    Trouble is, it’s just so hard to put down a perfectly good history book in order to go Practice Things.  Or to make a child put down a perfectly good history book, in order to go supervise the Practicing of Things.  But we will do it.  Because the alternative involves sitting at desks way too much, and doing other people’s worksheets, and all kinds of dreaded fates, including going hours at a time without ever picking up a wooden sword or running out to chase squirrels real quick, I’ll be back in just a minute, I promise. 

    So we will do it.  We will learn to spell.  And to say our math facts.  And to use punctuation and spaces and to write left-to-right and top-to-bottom, every time.  We will do it.  We must.