Sadie  randomly tagged me for the seven random facts meme, in which we list seven random or weird facts about ourself.  As if readers of this blog couldn’t come up with plenty of random facts without my needing to list them.  But it’s my first meme invitation, of course I have to do it. 

1.  I was my parish’s "Outstanding Catholic Student of the Year" my senior year in high school.  It didn’t last.  But here I am back in the Church, and much more so than I was then, so maybe there was more to it than I knew.

2. I used to play rugby.

3.  I took Arabic in college, long before Arabic was a hot language.  I still have my notes from those classes, but I can’t read them any more.  I have other notes, from other classes, that also look like Arabic, but are actually English.  I can’t read them, either.  This is why I type 98% of my correspondence.

4.  I once had a job selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door.  I was spectacularly unsuccessful, but I had a lovely time meeting all sorts of interesting people.

5.  I had no trouble driving in England.  Because I can’t tell left from right.  (You just put the passenger to the curb and you’re fine.)   Well, now I can, because we’ve been practicing it in our home school.    But until October 2007, no, I really couldn’t, unless I concentrated extra hard and even then I might get it wrong.

6.  I can be very shy in person  — some of my friends remember me as "the girl who didn’t speak — for months" — and hate making phone calls.  But I thoroughly enjoy public speaking.

7. I don’t follow rules well.  And I’m a tad lazy  efficient.  So I’m not going to tag seven people.  But if you’re one of my readers, I’d love to see your seven facts.  Post a comment so I know to go look for them.

In the unlikely event that you are reader #8 or higher to participate, by all means join in.  (Do I have that many blog-owning readers? I haven’t checked lately.  I doubt it.)   And if you can’t bear to do just seven facts, you can do extra.

Sadie actually posted and followed the rules, so if you are stickler for that sort of thing, go look at her blog for the details.