As promised, here is the link:   Be patient with Ray, the webmaster, he is webmaster by marriage, not by vocation.  But know that the website has actual, current, useful information on it, and that is what matters.  Like when and where you can buy bread this week.

There is bread that is as good Heather’s, but not bread that is better.  And it’s in Cayce, SC of all places.  Not in the chic up-and-coming part, either.   People who require a hipper locale can visit one of the markets she serves, but I personally like to go directly to the bakery, and am glad to see there are now open-to-the-public store hours.

It is worthwhile to reserve loaves, especially if you are not going to be coming right when the bakery opens or the market begins.  Also worthwhile to try breads you don’t think you would really like; I have been surprised at what turned out to be our favorites.


Our personal favorites:

Adults: Seed Bread (excellent with a bit of butter or brie cheese; or plain, absolutely plain just eat it down, when still warm.)
Kids: Ciabatta and Challa

But you might like one of the other ones better.