. . . which some readers may have begun to doubt ;-).    Things remain a bit thick here, so continue with the patience.  One of these years life might quiet down and I’ll catch up on past-due posts, and add new ones.  Meanwhile, a few excerpts from life here at the castle:

Kids went trick-or-trunking.  You know your prayers for the SuperMother-in-Law really worked, because she took three of our children and the SuperNephew to her parish’s Trick-or-Trunk last night.  She’s been doing great, by the way, seems to be fully recovered.  Very good, since I am not; the mysterious back-pelvis-hip problem I’ve been having lately remains mysterious, and persistent.  Hopefully she and I are not on a relay here, and will one day enjoy being healthy at the same time.  Meanwhile, the kids had a great time.

–> And I did not have to go, which was lovely, because, well, this is not my cup of tea.  (Recall "vacation bible school" for more comments on what gifts I have not been given.  Summary: for someone who loves children, I sure don’t seem to love children’s activities.)

SB does not know that she knows how to walk.  15 months old, and may be going for a record on latest-walker (our earliest didn’t walk until 13 months).  Except that she got hold of a doll-stroller and pushed it down the hall, walking, with no problem.   Which suggests that she can walk, or nearly so, but is in denial. 

We got rain.  As already reported on Bethune Catholic, your source for reliable blogging while you wait for this one to get its act together.  I didn’t realize how long it had been since we had rain, until I looked out my window and saw how beautiful it was.  Magical the way snow is magical.

Took the kids for a walk in it Wednesday (not smart – see mysterious ailment mentioned above — but we enjoyed it nonetheless).  Just lovely. 

Otherwise fall seems to be coming on in fits and starts.  Every now and again we get some cool weather, and then back to warm weather, then coolish again.  The season has definitely changed, however, because it isn’t oppressively hot outside.  And the maples are starting to turn. 

Got the green light to go to Florida.  Haven’t the faintest idea how I’ll get there, but the grandparents called and said they were ready for visitors.   (Had planned a for trip earlier this fall, but they asked us not to come due to acute health problems. Providential, as their canceling kept me from a dreadful side-trip to Disney World during a SuperHusband business trip, *and* I was just coming down the mystery ailment at that time anyway.  So, all’s well that continues well.)  I am keen to see them, as it has been several years and we’ve got two "new" great-grandchildren  that they have yet to meet.   No idea exactly when we’ll go, but I mean to if I can.

The watermelon wasn’t ripe.  That’s how it is, sometimes.  Do have some pansies and mums in the ground, and that will be the extent of our garden this fall. 

School.  Ahem.  Let’s not talk about school.