Busy couple weeks coming up this month, so if I don’t get any substantial posts out in the next week, just keep on doing whatever it was you did in September.  One of these months I’ll be back.  (Living wage article #3 is sitting in my computer, just waiting for a little editing.  Snake photos are either in the computer or  nearby.  We have content, yes we do.  Somewhere around here.)

    Am enjoying some minor, but nonetheless annoying, health issues of my own.  Looks like the fabled running career has reached it’s logical end.  My sister tells me my dad gave up running about this age, and for similar reasons.  We’ll see.  For someone who runs as little as I do (an estimated 98% of my runs in the past year have been reported on this blog), I sure do love it.  Oh well.

    In the Garden: We have watermelons.  Two of them.  After languishing all summer long, our vines have finally decided to give us these cute little cucumber-sized watermelons.  Watching and waiting, hoping against hope that the unseasonably warm weather might help us get something edible out of the garden this year.  (We did get three — count ’em, three — tomatoes this summer.  And a good bit of basil.)
     Haven’t planted anything for the fall, though there is a bit of self-sown arugula  being shaded by the suddenly-busy watermelon vine.  Longtime readers will recall that I have real problem with not pulling up past-their-seasons plants. 

    School seems to be running about as well as everything else around here.  Apparently I was a bit delusional when I wrote up my plans in August.  In good news:  Mr. Boy spontaneously started taking notes when I put him in front of a math video the other day.  Drove his sister crazy because he kept pausing the DVD player, but his parents are thrilled.

    LP, meanwhile, produced a "Jesus and Me" book today, also unprompted.  On most pages, she used the spelling her older brother dictated to her (cough, cough), except the last page, which is covered in the beautiful but very foreign script of "my [LP’s] language".   Uses an alphabet something like Arabic, only not phonetic.  Stunningly efficient, though.  You can get so many stories out of that same one page.