Saw an advertisement for this in the latest issue of the Catholic Miscellany:

My thought was, "Life Imitates the Curt Jester", only to realize I’d missed his reporting of it when it came out in April.

Okay, and I have to wonder . . . are rates as high as 31.99% not  pushing the limits of the prohibition on usury?  Hmmn, maybe a study is in order, after we get through the living wage.  Not an area of church teaching where I’ve spent much time.


Meanwhile, here at the castle . . .

    I haven’t forgotten the promised snake photos.   If nothing else, the blog is just the thing for people trying the cultivate the virtue of patience.  

    Garden results this year are keeping the local grocery store in business. 

    All of us are enjoying the last weeks of summer break (this, from someone who started out as a year-round schooler).  Big kids have made great strides in their swimming ability, which had started the summer at the "nonexistent" level.

    I’m working out the details of the plans for the year, with a goal of being somewhat more structured than last year.   The snake study is in there.

    Kids’ closet has been officially cleaned out (though it could use a second and third pass), Kids’ study is underway, and adult study is getting attention here and there.  Laundry closet is just going to have to wait.  Christmas sounds like a nice time.
    More living wage articles coming, maybe over the weekend, or next week.  Or so.