In addition to neglecting my own blog over the past month or so, I’ve been neglecting everyone else’s as well.  And so I missed the living wage discussion that happened at Bethune Catholic, Darwin Catholic, and who knows where else.  Caught up on those two, and nearly felt compelled to jump into the fray, but came to my senses. 

    But having (re-)read the pertinent bits of the Catechism, having consulted my favorite moral theology book, gone into an up-too-late discussion on the topic with the SuperHusband last night, and then discovered this morning that the Sunday readings (and thus, the sermon) were on just these sorts of questions, I don’t think I can contain myself much longer.  (Did I mention I went to business school?  And liked it?)

    So I’m diving in.  This is just a topic that I love.  Snake photos are still on their way, of course.  Massive de-cluttering and organizing continues to consume my ordinary time, and those curricula are due in another week.  But I’ll try to put together some little posts, covering just one idea at a time, delving into this whole concept of a living wage.  

    Forgive me if I repeat what others in the blogosphere are saying, perhaps saying better than I will manage here; my internet-reading time is limited.