My apologies to the faithful readership for failing to report in sooner.  It’s been busy here, though I can’t say what exactly we’ve been doing — I think just cleaning the house and visiting people.  School year turned over and I’ve got to quick get out all my paperwork for that; Mr. Boy’s report card is nearly finished, and then I need to write up curricula for him (2nd grade) and LP, who starts kindergarten. 

I’m hoping to get some book reviews posted here sooner or later, but in the meantime let me share the most incredible of my library finds:

Yes, this is a real book.   I checked it out from the library just to prove to the SuperHusband that it really existed. 

Not a bad book, by the way, from the tidbits I’ve read.  My internet friend Meg (who will teach you all about pregnancy tests at her site gave a positive review to Catholicism for Dummies on a private forum — warning us to avoid the corresponding Idiot’s Guide, which she found to be dissenter-friendly.   I can report that Latin for Dummies has a very useful chapter on ecclesiastical Latin.  So it looks like JPII for Dummies is all part of a gradual infiltration of the Dummy franchise into the "thinking man’s" religion.  

When the product line is complete, it could be a useful way to measure where one falls on the Catholic Intellectual scale.  I can read the catechism myself, no problem, but yes I’ll admit, I am eagerly awaiting the day my library stocks The Summa for Dummies.


I’m predicting that the next few weeks will find me immersed once again in real life, so expect light to drought-like blogging here.  But the blogs linked on my sidebar offer a wealth of fabulous links of their own, enough great reading to help you goof off for hours at a time.