So I went to check and see why I couldn’t get to my blog (server change), and then out of curiosity followed the link to the Home School Nations – South Carolina blog.  Where I learned about this bill (3941), currently in the House of Representatives Education committee.

It’s just plain strange.  2nd and 3rd option homeschoolers in South Carolina report, via our various organizations, directly to the State Department of Education.  This is efficient and makes sense — each compliance association is something of it’s own little school district.

The new bill would require that the compliance associations also send your contact information — your child’s name, birth date, grade, your name and address, and your child’s date of enrollment in your compliance association, to your local public school district.

Are the public schools going to start sending us *their* student’s personal information?  And what about your local private schools — how come they don’t get a list of their potential customers sent to them every year??  Seems the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Charleston get a list of all the kids attending the Episcopal private schools, while we’re at it.

This is just bizarre.  2nd and 3rd option homeschoolers already have a "school district".  Our organizations already report to the state.    A truant officer can contact the student’s compliance organization to get a confirmation of whether the student really is enrolled in good standing with their organization.  Public schools have enough to do already with their own students, without having to worry about getting dozens lists about  students who attend some other school.

It’s a dumb, expensive law that serves no good purpose, and only confuses everybody about what students belong to what organization. 


Edited to add: This is the same august body that is giving us the Schmooney solution to widespread illiteracy.    Nothing against the "soft cuddly stuffed animal" per the language of the bill, of course.  It just seems like maybe, um, we don’t need a *law* about this??

We need to mobilize Smart Cat and Dr. Tick-Tock.   Fortunately, it does not appear that the would-be law includes penalties for those who wish to combat illiteracy using some other, less-official plush toy.  I’m having visions of beleaguered public school teachers trembling as the state prosecutor grills them in the witness stand on why they used, say "Dooley" or "Deputy Billy" in their illegal reading program.  

On the other hand, maybe if the legislators are busy with literacy mascots, they won’t spend so much time thinking up categories of people who need their personal information sent to other unrelated third parties.