Saturday I took Mr. Boy and the two littlest girls to Oconee Station State Historic Site .

    This is a great field trip for young children.  The site is small, just two historic buildings and a nature trail, so you can explore it all without getting exhausted.  Between 1pm and 5pm Saturdays and Sundays, park service guides open up the buildings, and then stand about to answer questions while you explore.  Excellent if you have busy preschooler — as much up and down and around as you like, and no worries about missing something because of a sudden intruding toddlerism. 

    For myself it was a neat little study in architecture — and a lesson in why masonry buildings are much more sustainable than cheaper, easier, and therefore more popular, stick houses.   Mr. Boy was sold by the fact that the place was a military outpost.  Bun liked going up and down the stairs.

 Never did make it all the way to the waterfall (long story), but the portion of the nature trail that we did explore was lovely and not strenuous.    A good trail for beginner hikers.