Lots of feasting going on around here.  Took the kids out to dinner for our anniversary, and then went out again later in the week with just adults.  (Our poor babysitter, I forgot to tell her where the baby’s bed was.  Didn’t realize I had moved it since last time she was over.   Big kids tried to pull a few fast ones on her when she asked them for guidance on this question.)

Meanwhile, Mr.Boy turned seven.  Took him and the other kids to Waffle House for breakfast.  The kids love, love, love that place.  About twice a year I break down and take them — we live just a mile or two from one, as does, I suspect, the most of our state’s population.  Also took the kids to Target, another destination they have been begging to visit; got the carseats and bike helmets I had planned on, kids found nothing (approved by mom) to spend their savings on.

Today we had  a massive birthday event for the boy.   Way too much candy.  Way too little adult supervision.  Complete craziness.  Castle parents need to work on their party skills.   We are definitely novices in this department, and it shows.  None of the other parents said anything uncharitable, though, so that was good.

Bun turns three at the end of the month, so we’ll make another attempt at sane feast-making at that time.