May is family reunion season. We had one Saturday up near Chesterfield. Weather was cool and rainy, which isn’t so bad for a picnic – compared to say, hot and buggy – if you’ve got a nice big carport for the pot-luck.

To get there we drove through Bethune, home of Requiem Press. Nice little town, larger than I had remembered. If you like this blog, you may enjoy Bethune Catholic even more.

Sunday we had a coughing toddler – not terribly sick, but not fit to go infect a parish, so the SuperHusband and I took turns going to church. Which gave me my big chance to sneak over to a traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. (The other choice in my time frame was a Spanish mass, which is also on my to-do list). Dug out the appropriate accessories, and tried my best to be in the back so I could copy other people, not so easy as a number of other attendees apparently had the same idea.

The Mass was just lovely, I was pleased to see what all the excitement is about. Am sure it was more than just the novelty of not holding a shrieking infant through the whole thing, though that didn’t hurt.

Determined that I needed a lot more practice with my Latin, though. Checked my shelves this morning and discovered my closest choices for foreign-language tapes are:

1) Classical Latin (“How to Read Latin Poetry”)

2) Italian

3) Occitan.

Old Latin, New Latin or Gaulish Latin. Hmmn.