. . . It’s the feast of St. Athanasius.    Butler’s Lives (the older one, which our local public library now circulates) has a gripping telling of his adventures, detailed enough to keep things clear, quick enough to not lose any of the suspense or drama.    Good introduction to church history. 


Mother-in-law tells me it’s been hitting the mid-90’s here during the day, and I’m inclined to believe her.  As often seems to happen in May, it’s a deceptive kind of heat — dry and breezy, and cooling down at night.   The type of weather that can make you think, if you are not a pregnant person, that one could manage without air-conditioning and live a fairly comfortable existence.  


My apologies for the homeschoolblogger continued wackiness.  Hard to get in a post, but I will try to overcome server-challenges as best I can.