Lots of field trips these days.  Last weekend, big kids hiked up Pinnacle Mountain.  Yesterday we wandered around Riverbanks Zoo.  Word is that big kids are headed over to Table Rock (SC) for another big hike tomorrow. 

(Note that neither of those two upstate hikes are short or easy.  Figure a few miles each way and about 2,000 feet of elevation gain.   Both kids are pretty experienced hikers, and a bit ahead of their age, especially LP.  But there are plenty of shorter and flatter hikes all around South Carolina, for those who want something more approachable to start with.)

Will try to come back with links sometime next week, for those who want to do some trip planning.   It’s a great field-trip state.  Lady at the zoo yesterday asked why the kids weren’t in school.  Followed up by asking if I, then Mr. Boy, liked homeschooling.  Of course we do.  We get to go to the zoo.  Who wouldn’t like that??