It’s like January again, only leafier, and with more birds singing.  Grandma took the kids this morning, and after a leisurely breakfast at one of those restaurants where adults sit quietly for a long, long time, I got inspired to go for a run in the neighborhood. 

This was my first time running (unless you count laps around the yard or down the hallway) in much too long, but it went better than expected.  By "run", of course, I mean "jogging and walking, but with the firm intention that one day I will, in fact, run the whole route, without stopping, maybe even sort of quickly". Very peaceful.  Running with kids is fun (especially if you love, love, love that interval training), but this was something else, very pleasurable in such a calm kind of way.  Even prayerful, at times.


Realized the other day that we completely forgot to prune the blackberries this winter.  It’s normal for us to forget the roses, which we did, too, but the blackberries we usually remember.  I’m hoping they will be forgiving and generous. 

There is a viney place in our neighborhood, a neglected spot between two large lots, where a variety of invasive climbers compete with one another.  When we first moved here, honeysuckle was king, but lately wild grapes have moved in, and I noticed this morning that a mass of some kind of bramble-fruit was in bloom.  So perhaps that can be our back-up plan for berries.

 The wild grapes do not actually taste very good, but they are so much fun to pick, and the kids like them.  One of these years we might make the wine we love to talk about attempting.  (The SuperHusband has a history as a SuperHomebrewer, but never did graduate from beer to wine.  The beer was very good, though.)  We have had several excellent muscadine or scuppernong wines made by friends with more follow-through in this department.


One of the things I’m praying for with respect to homeschooling — and parenting in general — is to get back to enjoying the kids more.  I can think of a thousand reasons I choose to homeschool, but  mostly I just love to teach, and love to be around my kids.  Lately though, I’ve not been quite there.  Thought I’d mention it because I know other homeschoolers (and school-schooling parents, too) go through these phases.   It’s easy to get the idea that everyone else is always totally motivated and pulled-together, so I like to dispel that myth whenever I get the opportunity.