The rumored camping trip did take place , in our front yard.  Weather wasn’t looking hopeful for a family vacation, so we pulled out the home-and-garden-store metal fire-containing-device and had a campfire, then the SuperHusband displayed yet more of his SuperQualities by spending the night, in our driveway, "camping" in the camper with three kids.  Two very cold girls rang the doorbell at 6:20 am (not my usual waking-up time) and came in for hot chocolate in front of the pretend fireplace in the living room.  In all, an excellent event.

Crepe myrtles didn’t fare well in the Easter freeze; very sad, as they had just filled  out so beautifully with thick springy-green foliage.  Apple tree was leafed out and had been blossoming for about a week or so; it *looks* unaffected by the freeze, but come August we’ll see how many apples we get.  Kids got seed packets from the Easter Bunny (Easter Bunny has been digging in the dark recesses of the refrigerator); I am secretly relieved that I was running way way way behind schedule in getting a garden going, and didn’t end up losing my work.