Somebody tell me:  Do firefighters really rescue stranded pets from trees?

On Curious George this morning, we saw once again that favorite theme in early-childhood fiction, The Pet Stuck In The Tree.    I’ve read, and now seen, quite a few children’s works featuring The Pet In The Tree, but never in my real life have I heard of firefighters, or rescue workers of any kind, rescuing a pet from an ordinary stuck-in-tree scenario.  In the midst of a flood, sure.   But not just a case of Miffy (or, on this morning’s show, Sharky) climbing too high and now afraid to get down.   I’ve never even heard of a pet who actually climbed up a tree and couldn’t get down.

Does this happen?  Or is it merely a popular early-childhood literary device?  Do share, lest I be forced to google for an answer.


Meanwhile all can breathe easy knowing our long stretch of unschooling came to end this morning. Woohoo!  I’m determined to be good and consistent with the formal lessons, what with our recent string of interruptions.  Frankly anymore I just never know what kind of phone call I’ll get.  I’m basking in normalcy today.

Also, think I forgot to mention in my previous post: Dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom.  As is the neighbor’s ornamental cherry tree, which is what provides shade for our castle on long summer afternoons.